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Verified Merchant: Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market
As a verified merchant, you'll gain a competitive edge in the market and attract more orders. Here are some of the key advantages.
Check Requirements
c2c merchant application
Verified Badges
Boost your order conversion rate with a credible, verified badge next to your P2P nickname.
Merchant Search Filter
Stand out as a trusted advertiser with dedicated merchant filters.
Cheaper Fees
Enjoy up to a 50% discount on basic fee rates in all fiat markets.
Exclusive Customer Support
Experience one-on-one service and rapid response to requests and issues, ensuring smooth trading.
c2c merchant application
Order Book
Explore and adjust Ad prices easily to maximize market potential.
Manage Business Hours
Set hours and let the portal automate Ad availability.
c2c merchant application
Take a Break
Hide online Ads without affecting ranking during breaks.
Smarter Search
Enhanced search by orders, currencies, and user numbers.
Merchant Portal: Elevate Your Trading Operations With Advanced Management Tools